About Liz Atherton


I'm Liz Atherton

I help people connect with their loved ones in spirit  to give them comfort that they continue to live on and watch over them which in turn, healing grief.

"Connecting with your loved one brings great healing from your loss and knowing that they are just no longer in the physical body but continue to live around you every day!"

Calling in spirit is my gift where I can then describe their personalities, talents, physical attributes and pass messages onto my clients. 

My Story...

I am a natural born Australian Psychic Medium but when I was younger, I was unaware that my skills were unique and my family members were different to me. It wasnt until my father told me of his NDE (Near Death Experience) and when diagnosed with cancer we talked about the afterlife and I asked him to keep in contact with me. It was an unusual conversion to have at the age of 24, but neverless opened me up significantly to the possibilities of how our life continues on after this human experience. After his passing, I had numerous experiences with him showing me he was 'still around' me. I began my quest into learning about spiritual matters and living.

After my mum's passing, I definitely wanted connection to them both, so I attended a course to learn psychic abilities. Five weeks into the course they advised me I was a 'full blown' medium and it was then that I realised my skills where quite unique compared to others. I learned how to conduct readings and since then, I have been helping people connect into their loved ones in spirit and their guides and guardian angels. 

I have so much gratitude that I can move people through their grief and troubles so much faster, explain how the spiritual plain works, together with how our spiritual aspect of our human lives works. Once you've had connection with a loved one or your guides, you cannot deny spirituality exists.

Nowdays, I also work as an Empowerment Coach helping my clients heal from trauma and restructure their beliefs, responses and learn how to self love. I also am an Author, Trainer, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Facilitator together with a Life Coach.

My love and passion in this world is making people feel whole, complete and aligned to their true self, not the one we need to be to be loved and accepted by others.

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