About Nikki


I'm Nikki

I empower people to embrace their unique soul path to achieve health and harmony and alignment in all areas of their life.

I am an Intuitive Metaphysical Healer and Coach and integrate my psychic gifts to channel uniquely what my clients need for their natural health and wellbeing and to see clearly what the way ahead for them is to thrive in life not just survive.

I use intuitive and empathic channelling to bring through what my clients need on a physical, emotional and spiritual level through diet, nutrition and soul guidance.

My Story...

Born in Wales in the Uk with the hills behind and the ocean at my door my roots lay in the soil, and growing up in a nature loving family instilled in me that real food was the garden of life. These foundations of family, connection and nature’s garden grew a fascination for natural healing methods, a curiosity to explore, seek wisdom and discover the big world beyond my door.

This curiosity to follow my strong inner knowing, the feel of a string taking me always to something bigger than me ‘out there' took me on a journey of seeking knowledge and following adventures and pulls of the soul around the world. I’ve now called home to 6 different countries and visited over 55 more. It became a natural spiritual awakening, self healing journey ( from an autoimmune digestive disease) and a self discovery that took me to the ends of the earth and back.

An opportunity to move to Perth Australia uncovered a link to a past life, an aboriginal healer and the beginning of a rapid waking up to self process that took me to Asia ‘East meets West’ where I studied yoga and other ancient healing methods and illuminated a path of self discovery back to the healer within and the creative artist with a voice to be awakened. It was this path of following the inner knowing that led me not only to write my memoir The Soul’s Compass, A Traveller’s Way Home but to the desire to share my psychic gifts and wisdom with others. I believe in putting the focus on preserving health not fearing illness.

" I seek to empower others to follow their own dreams and find their true north. Only then will they light the way for others to do the same."

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