Group Platform Readings

Join Liz Atherton's monthly Group Platform Readings with your Passed Over Loved Ones

This is a 'Platform' Monthly Group performed by our Psychic Medium Liz Atherton who will bring through your Passed Over Loved Ones in Spirit!  Liz specialises in channeling spirit, including your guides, however this group sesson focuses in connecting you with your loved ones in spirit.

Limited to 20 attendees and guaranteed reading for each attendee within the 90-minute plus session!

Your Loved Ones in Spirit want to connect with you and help you heal and continue life as content as possible. Some messages may trigger your grief and loss. However it does help speed the healing process when you get confirmation that they continue to live on in spirit without their physicality.

Recording of these sessons will take place and an audio file will be found on our blog that you can download at any time. 

If you prefer a private one-to-one session rather than a group session with Liz, then click here.

Visit our blog for our latest recordings 

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