I'm Liz Atherton

I am a Psychic Medium and I help people connect with their loved ones in spirit  to give them comfort that they continue to live on and watch over them which in turn, healing grief.

"Connecting with your loved one brings great healing from your loss and knowing that they are just no longer in the physical body but continue to live around you every day!"

Calling in spirit is my gift where I can then describe their personalities, talents, physical attributes and pass messages onto my clients. 

Liz Atherton Psychic Medium & Empowerment Coach

My story

I was born a medium but unaware that my skills were unique and my family members didn't have any. It wasnt until my father told me of his NDE (Near Death Experience) and when diagnosed with cancer we talked about the afterlife and I asked him to keep in contact with me. It was an unusual conversion to have at the age of 24, but neverless opened me up significantly to the possibilities of how our life...

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Had a zoom reading with Liz last week, what a great gift you have Liz. She was spot on and I feel excited and at ease for 2024, I highly recommend Liz.

Gevina Ihimaera

Liz was so caring! Very accurate with what came through and gave me such good direction. Absolutely nailed everything about my situation.

Kylie ramsay

Liz is a very friendly lady, the messages that came through from my son (who has passed) was very comforting. Also messages about my other family messages were very accurate.
Thanks Liz looking forward to more readings from you. Karen


Thank you Liz,
You are very accurate & precise even on a zoom
Truly a guide - I’ll be sure to come back & recommend you
Many thanks 🤩

Felicity E

Hello Liz I would like to say that I was very impressed with your reading, you described my Angel son perfectly. My other daughter and son also. I feel that when you have a reading you have an open mind for the messages to come through.You told me a lot of accurate things that has/ or happened.In the future I would love 🥰 another reading to ask.

Norma Radley

Thank you for the reading. Very informative. A lovely lady and someone who is patient and takes the time to listen.


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Live Readings

Healing people is my life's work...

Naturally born empath and medium, I am gifted to help people embrace their spiritual aspect, release from painful experiences and communicate with loved ones that have passed over, naturally healing grief.

I have been a client of Liz's for over two years, and Liz has been my lifeline through a very dark period of grief in losing my son. I am forever grateful and cannot recommend Liz highly enough. 

Michelle Smith

Safety officier

 I am so glad I chose to have a reading with you, the information you gave me has given me strength to keep on fighting. I thank you for the messages you could give me from my loved ones that have passed away. I was nervous to start with but your warming personality calmed me. The information that you told me that has been spot on. Thank you so much! I feel like a big relief has been taken off my shoulders and I've taken on your advice and things have been so much better for me so once again thank you!!

Courtney Carter


My father came through in my channelling with Liz. The information that Liz received and passed onto me absolutely verified that she was channelling Dad. I received some strong guidance through Liz and Dad’s information.

Chris Johnson

IT Consultant

How to Listen to your Loved Ones in Spirit Without being Freaked Out!

Watch this video now to learn how they communicate with you and how you can pay attention to them and communicate back.

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